A great film score can transform the viewing experience. Film score music should work perfectly with the images on screen to evoke emotion — taking the viewer on a journey intended by the producer. Whether you opt to use existing musical pieces or are looking to produce original music for a film, Level Two Music can provide you with professional and experienced advice to help your film reach the next level.

The role of musical score in film

In Australia, film score music is a specialist field that requires a particular level of expertise to achieve greatness. A musical score can transform a film by enhancing scenes and emphasising central themes through the power of sound. As an artistic way to express emotion, music has long been one of the key drivers in film that serves to enrich the quality of the finished production. A soundtrack for a film can be derived from two different kinds of music: 

Working with professionals for your film score music

Those who have experience in the film production industry understand that scoring a movie can take a great deal of time and patience. There are numerous benefits to working with a professional for this part of your production, some of which include: 

Why work with Level Two music

Level Two is the leading company in Australia for film score music. With years of experience in the field, our team can help you enhance your film. As proud recipients of numerous awards from leading international film organisations, we have a track record of successful film score music collaborations that are internationally recognised. 

Our reach spans across Australia and New Zealand with teams working in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. No matter where in the region you are based, working with us means you will have access to professionals who will help you create the kind of soundtrack you dreamed of for your production. 

We are proud to be a part of the Australian film industry and see fantastic potential as this industry continues to grow and develop. Our creativity and passion for our work make us the best potential partners for film score music in Australia. Contact us to give your new film the best chance at success by working with those who have the passion, drive and expertise to help you reach the next level.